Botox is well-known for its ability to reduce wrinkles and lines in the skin, but how does it actually work? Botox injections serve two main purposes: reducing the appearance of wrinkles and also preventing the formation of new wrinkles and creases in the skin.

Preventing Wrinkles

When Botox is used on a patient who has few or no wrinkles, it can be effective at preventing the lines from forming in the first place. Wrinkles form because of facial muscles that contract and cause the skin to crease, causing a line. As time goes on, skin loses its elasticity and these lines become permanent. Botox disables muscle movement in the targeted area so the skin does not experience creasing, which prevents any wrinkles from forming due to muscle contraction.

Looking Younger

If you have wrinkles, Botox is a great way to turn back the clock and make you look younger. The same muscle-targeting properties used to prevent wrinkles can be used to make skin look smoother and to keep lines from worsening. Once you have your first Botox treatment, it’s important that you come back every few months to have the injections reapplied. Botox is most effective when done regularly, as it wears off every three to six months, depending on the individual. If a patient does not come back to have new Botox injections, the wrinkles will again become visible as the treatment wears off.

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