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Botox Cosmetic & Dermal Filler

Following these guidelines before treatment(s) can not only minimize side effects associated with injection(s), but also make a big difference between obtaining fair results and great results. We realize this is not always possible. However, minimizing risks is always desirable.

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours prior to treatment(s). (Alcohol may thin the blood increasing the risk of bruising.)

  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medications for one week prior to treatment. These include NSAIDS (Motrin, Advil, Aleve, etc.) and supplements such as Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba and St. John’s Wart. (These medications may cause blood thinning and can increase the risk of bruising after injection(s.)

  • Schedule Botox treatment(s) at least two weeks prior to any upcoming, special event, such as a wedding or vacation, to allow for optimal time for the medication to work and for any bruising to heal.


Botox cosmetic

  • Expect redness for at least 30 minutes after the procedure(s). (A lumpy, “bee sting” appearance may occur.)

  • Remain upright for four hours.

  • Do not lie flat in bed or perform exercises on the floor. (Sitting or standing is acceptable.)

  • No straining, heavy lifting or vigorous exercise for three to four hours following treatment(s).

  • Avoid manipulation of the area for three to four hours following treatment(s). (This includes facials, peels and microdermabrasion.)

  • Do not press, rub or massage the treated area(s).

  • You may wash your face and apply make-up, but use a very light touch.

  • Exercise each of the injected area(s) on the face for one hour following treatment(s) to stimulate the binding of toxin to the localized area(s). (A series of 10 repetitions every 15 minutes for one hour is recommended.)

  • It can take seven to 10 days for the medication to take full effect.


Dermal fillers

  • Skin redness and swelling at the treatment area(s) is common. This should resolve within a few days. If this persists longer than three to five days, please contact the office. (Lip filler creates swelling that typically lasts longer.)

  • Do not massage the treated area(s).

  • Avoid applying heat to the treated area(s) until any swelling or bruising is resolved.

  • Avoid activities that cause facial flushing on the day of treatment(s) including consuming alcohol, exercising and tanning.

  • Gently apply a cool compress or wrapped ice pack to each of the treated area(s) for 15 minutes every few hours, as needed, to reduce any discomfort, swelling or bruising. Continue cool compress treatments for three days, as needed, to the treated area(s). If bruising occurs, it typically resolves within seven to 10 days.