Gotox Party

Gotox Parties

Botox parties are what they sound like—a party in which you and your friends receive Botox, injectable fillers, or both in the comfort of your own home. They’re a fun and unique way to bond with your friends and experience the wonders of Botox and filler injections at the same time! If you’re in the Houston area, Gotox would love to help you throw the Botox party of your dreams. Here are just a few reasons to host your very own Botox party.

Comfort of your home

There’s nothing clinical about a Gotox party. We come to you, so you can relax in the comfort of your own home without worrying about coming into any office. You can decorate your home and enjoy some snacks while still experiencing Botox for yourself!

Beauty Enhancement

Injection of Botox corrects fine lines allowing for a smoother, natural look while preventing wrinkles from forming in the future by relaxing the muscles that add tension and deep lines to your face. You can also opt for fillers which restore natural-looking enhancements to your face and lips. Not only will you look younger, you’ll look natural!

We offer discounts

Gotox loves helping you host parties. If you have a party with five or more people, you’ll receive an additional 5% off of your Botox services. Please note that this is only available to clients in the general Houston area. Getting a discount on Botox by partying with friends is a win-win situation for everyone!

Gotox is ready to help you host a Botox party that your friends will love. If you’re ready to host your own Botox party, call our offices today and we’ll help you get the process started!

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